Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oddities along the way

For the last two years my friend and I have been working on a photo book we have titled Oddities Along the Way. Yesterday while driving on some back roads near Altamont, NY I found myself behind a pick up truck with two goats in the bed of the truck. Now this is something I have never seen before, truly an oddity. My original reaction, was to quickly try to take a picture, I had not one but two cameras with me for goodness sake, unfortunately the speed limit was 55mph and these were after all country back roads that I was not familiar with and quite frankly I do value my safety more than this book I'm working on. My friend does not think I'm committed enough to our project. She may be right, it seems that I have allowed more oddities to pass me buy than I have been willing to sacrifice myself for. At the moment our book is more about missed opportunities. I have however caught the crazy Christmas man, who it seems is also the crazy Easter man.


  1. That lady looks like she is saying, that's a whole lot of crazy!

  2. OH MY WORD! I saw this guy at Home Depot!!! I thought maybe he was on his way to a kid's birthday party...but apparently he was just on his way to Wegmans :) WOW.