Friday, May 21, 2010

Random Thoughts

I'm having a garage sale tomorrow, I'm really not a garage sale kinda girl but my neighborhood association holds this event every year and I've lived here 10 years so I figured maybe it's time to get in on the fun. I haven't had any fun yet and for the last few days I found myself saying over and over "why am I doing this?" I still don't have the answer to that, although it did feel good to go through the house and start purging items. My house is small and I have always thought of myself as someone who really does not have a lot of extra stuff, but I have managed to fill three tables with junk, excuse me, treasures. My other problem with having a garage sale? Being tied to my garage between the hours of 8 -4 on a Saturday. I have lined up several friends to come visit me though out the day and I will bribe them to stay with promises of good strong coffee and dark chocolate brownies.

My plan after the garage sale was to use any money I made to buy flowers for my garden. I couldn't wait and spent this afternoon at my local nursery forking over $80.00 for annuals. I can't wait to plant them all and just sit on my deck and admire them. Have I mentioned how much I love spring?

Finally I have become obsessed in the last few weeks with a bake shop in the city. They only make cupcakes, but these are the most amazing cupcakes I have ever had. The bakery also does a good job marketing themselves and their flavors of the day. I "won" a contest with them today which entitled me to one free cupcake if I buy 5. I know what you're thinking, I didn't really WIN anything but there flavors today were just so enticing. In the end though I decided I really wanted flowers for the garden more than I wanted a cupcake. This was not the case last week when I just had to have a mounds cupcake. Dark chocolate with coconut filling and a dark chocolate frosting.


  1. The Mounds cupcake sounds really yummy! Is this the place book group went to for "supper" in April?

  2. I've been there and it is tasty! Maybe we need to meet there sometime!!