Monday, July 19, 2010

When is 35 cents worth a dollar?

Today we decided to take a little road trip, to view a couple light houses, do some sightseeing and just be tourists. We wandered towards York beach which tends to be very touristy and it made us quite thankful that while we enjoyed driving through this town, we were not in fact staying there. There is a huge beach in York that must run for 5 miles. The only parking at this beach is by parking meter. So as my mom and I were stuck in traffic, a beach goer stops at my car window and asks "Can you spare some change?" So I reached into my change tray and handed him what I had only about 35 cents in dimes and nickels. To which he says "thanks for your generosity, here's a dollar." He then hands me a gold coin, a Jefferson 1 dollar coin. I had no idea these things even existed. After he walked a way I felt a little guilty that I didn't search harder for more change for him.

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