Friday, July 23, 2010

The One Where I Had Dinner With The President.. And a few other random thoughts

If you have been reading my blog this week, you know that I have been on vacation in Ogunquit, ME one of my favorite places in the world. While we were there we visited Portland, Freeport, Kennebunkport, York, Wells, and lots of other places in between. When we visit Kennebunkport we always make time for a leisurely drive down Ocean Ave where there are some spectacular homes with some of the most gorgeous ocean views. One of those homes located on Ocean Ave is the home of former President George Bush and his wife Barbara. Here's a picture of their lovely home.
We've joked every year about how much fun it would be to actually run into the Bushes somewhere around town, but then again, what are the chances of running into a former president? Apparently better than I thought. Wednesday night we decided on dinner in Perkins Cove, of all the places in Ogunquit, Perkins Cove is probably one of our most favorite hang outs. There are several restaurants in Perkins Cove along with some cute shops selling pottery, jewelery and of course cheesy t-shirts. Lots of lobster boats, sailboats and some of the prettiest gardens I have ever seen.

So that night we decided on Barnacle Billy's, it has some great views of the cove along with amazing food. My mom always orders the crab cakes there even though I tease her that Maine is not necessarily known for its crab, but she insists they are still outstanding. It was while we were waiting for our salads to arrive that my mom says to me "Oh look it's Barbara Bush" and she gives me a funny smile that I read as there's a Barbara Bush look alike. And then all of a sudden people are clapping and my mom's look changes and I realize quickly that the Bushes are in fact going to be joining us for dinner. Okay so you all know I didn't actually dine with the Bushes but they did sit down about 30 feet from us. I was able to snap a couple very poor pictures of President Bush as he walked by our table and then another one of their table while they ate. But of course that was it, I certainly wasn't going to make a spectacle of myself and I wasn't exactly sure what the secret service might do to me if I got too close.

Apparently Barnacle Billy's is a favorite spot of our former president as I noticed several pictures of him throughout the years dining there.

Oddly enough on this night I almost met my demise. Ogunquit has a great public transportation system and they like to shuttle beach goers via trolley. The trolleys all have "Olly" names I don't know why but throughout town you can see Dolly, Holly, Lolly and so forth. Well on this particular night perhaps it was my excitement over seeing a former president or perhaps I was focusing too much on the picture I was about to take, I was almost run over by a Jolly the trolley.

We are home now and I must confess that while it is great to be home, I miss Ogunquit already and cannot wait to get back. And one final thought, a pet peeve actually why is that the restrooms at thruway rest stops are always at the far end from the entrance of the building? I'm stopping because I have to go! I am not interested in a happy meal from McDonalds.

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  1. I love Perkins Cove and Barnacle Billys!!! I got the stuffed shrimp - filled with crab meat! YUM! Never got to see President Bush but did see his house. I thought that was amazing that you could see the house so clearly, didn't you? I was expecting it to be hidden. Also never almost got hit by a trolley! You have all the fun MF!