Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Yes officer I was taking pictures

Those that know me know I love to take pictures. I'm quite obnoxious at it, I take pictures that most people wouldn't never think to take pictures of, unless of course they are like me. The last few years I have been taking my camera into places that most people would not even think to take a camera; inside various stores, gift shops and supermarkets. Yes, I said supermarkets.

This past weekend while visiting one of my dearest friends in Philadelphia I found myself at Whole Foods. I think I could actually cry when I think about how pretty it is inside Whole Foods, the rainbow display of beverages, drinks from fruits I have never even heard of. Don't even get me started on the aisle dedicated to coffee and tea. And I must not forget the honey, fresh honey multiple kinds kept in vats to keep it warm. I could go home with warm honey from Whole Foods. I'm not sure why this makes me so excited, it just does. Unfortunately I do have one bone to pick with my new found love, they have a strict rule - No photography allowed. It's written on their door. It killed me not to take pictures, but alas I do tend to be a rule follower.

A couple years ago at a pottery store in Maine I quietly took a picture of some vases I thought were absolutely adorable and I loved the way the owner had them displayed. I took out my camera and quickly snapped a couple pictures. I was quickly scolded and asked to refrain from taking any more pictures and of course as a rule follower I gladly obliged though quietly feeling somewhat bitter. This has not deterred me from continuing my ways. I have noticed that if a store is large enough I'm pretty good at snapping pictures without anyone noticing. I may be a rule follower but I'm also kind of sneaky and if I can get away with something with out anyone knowing (within reason of course) I'm going to do it.

This past week however in the city of brotherly love, or more specifically a suburb of the city of brotherly love I was up to my old tricks. My friend had taken me into a quaint gift/flower shop. I took a few pictures of a table place setting, some candle holders and then finally a row of fresh flowers sitting in pails.

After taking this last shot of the flowers the owner threatened me from across the store "you take another picture and I'm calling the police!" Seriously. I quickly apologized and we left the store pretty quickly. I'm not sure why he felt it was necessary to threaten me that way. My friends and I debated this a bit, perhaps he was worried that I was taking pictures so I'd know the lay of the land and he was worried I might come back and rob him. So for all my blog readers if you happen to find yourself in Peddlers Village outside of Philadelphia and you feel the need to steal some fresh flowers here's what they look like and where there located. Of course I cannot reveal the name of the store to you, that just wouldn't be right. And I'm not sure I even noticed it when we went in.

So now I've been chastised about picture taking in two states. I'm pretty sure it will not deter me from future picture taking antics.

I thought I'd include a few from throughout the years.

These are sweet little drawer pulls, I found in gift shop in Maine called Art and Soul. I have no use for drawer pulls like this but I thought they were absolutely adorable.

I'm not sure exactly where this picture came from, but I have kept journals for as long as I can remember and I just loved how simple they looked and the quote at the bottom "If your life is worth living it is worth recording"

From LL Bean of course. This display took me immediately back to my childhood and how when we visited my great aunt's house the only game she had for us to play in her small backyard was croquet, but we would spend hours playing it. $129.00 seems like a lot of money to me for a backyard game and it made me wonder what ever happened to my aunt's set.

And finally aren't these berry bowls pretty? I didn't know that they made special bowls for berries but I'm sure if I had some, I would eat more fruit.


  1. Mary! I can verify that if you had taken pictures in Whole would have been reprimanded. It happened to me last year but I still decided to sneak in a few pictures...they're in my fall travel album on facebook! some rules are meant to be broken. especially those that inhibit photography. you are not alone, my friend :)

  2. Perhaps you might invest in a cell phone with a camera so you can take pictures discreetly?

    Keep sharing you pics!

  3. Holly - confession time. I did take a picture in whole foods with my cell phone, but my cell phone camera takes lousy pictures.