Monday, October 25, 2010

More Random Thoughts

I made a big salad and a baked potato for dinner tonight. Baked potatoes always make me think of my friend Christy. Christy is a vegetarian and not long ago at a charity dinner she asked for a vegetarian meal. Now most places would have some sort of pasta option, but that particular night the vegetarian option was not one, but two baked potatoes. As Christy would say "not cool" can you blame her?

This past Friday, my friend Gale and I had a great dinner together. She was trying to talk me down from all of the anger and frustration I was feeling toward one particular student. This student clearly does not like the rules I have established for my class, things like what constitutes a free write when it comes to journal writing, no side conversations in class and no texting. This student claims to have the superior ability to multi-task. Well guess what? It does not matter if you can stand on your head, chew gum and quote your favorite author. There is NO texting in my class! This student also decided to do a free write in their journal on the word free. Thanks for that!

That same night when I arrived home in the dark I noticed that when I drove into the garage the kitchen door was wide open. This totally freaked me out, I believe I have already mentioned in a previous blog my OCD tendencies. I asked myself the following questions:
Did I shut the door when I left this morning? I'm sure I did.

Maybe I did shut the door but left the garage door open? If that's the case did someone enter my house through the open garage door and then close the garage door and leave the kitchen door open?

If that's the case what are the chances of someone actually being in my house waiting for me to return? Now it is this very thought that REALLY FREAKED me out. So I took a deep breath, pulled out my cell phone and pushed 911 on my cell. Then I walked inside with my thumb on the send button.

I checked the downstairs bathroom, empty. The kitchen pantry, empty. The hall closet, also empty. Okay all the possible downstairs hiding spots are empty. Then I slowly walked upstairs. My office closet empty, bedroom 1, empty, bedroom 2 empty. And then final the master bathroom. I was terrified pulling back the shower curtain I had visions of the shower scene from Psycho rushing through my mind. Of course I realize that in that particular scene the killer was on the outside of the shower, but I was convinced someone was hiding behind my shower curtain.

Thankfully when he stabbed me it was just a superficial wound and the police officers arrived just a few minutes later. Or the shower was empty, I'll let you decide. One thing that has come from this unfortunate event is that my OCD is again at an all time high. I still do not know why the kitchen door was open. Perhaps Molly and Moses my very overweight cats have learned a new trick?


  1. Yikes, Mary -- that *would* be scary! I think I might have called 911 before going in, just as a precaution.

  2. P.S. The "twice" baked potato incident will *not* happen on my watch!