Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tradition, Texting and Taco Soup

Better sit down for this one folks, I have a major announcement to make. I cooked again today. Yeah that's right I cooked. Well if you count throwing cans of vegetables into the crock pot cooking. But around here, that is about as good as it gets.

I love traditions and for several years my friends and I had the greatest tradition going. Homecoming weekend at the college we would pass on all the college festivities and just show up at my friend Lisa's house, sit around her dining room table talk and laugh about all our college memories and eat taco soup. It is the most perfect soup on a crisp fall day. Unfortunately that tradition ended about six years when Lisa and her husband decided to flee the chilly northeast for the south. I still have not forgiven them for leaving, but I'm working on it. I still show up at their old house on homecoming weekend looking for taco soup. Fortunately for me the new home owners are also friends of mine.

So this morning I decided that I know how to use a can opener and a crock pot, I'll make taco soup. Of course I wanted to let Lisa know that I was thinking of her and making her famous soup, I sent a text message to her husband (Lisa refuses to keep up with today's technology) The text message was simple "I'm making taco soup, you should come over" The response text from Chris just minutes later "We'll be there in 17 hours."

Lisa and I did chat later today, she wanted to know how the soup turned out and to tell me that they received my text during church service. Shame on you Chris for texting from church! The soup turned out great and the chat reminded me just how much I miss my sweet friend.

I believe that Lisa and I along with two of our other friends Eileen and Karine have started a new tradition, a gathering of the 4 of us over Columbus Day weekend. I realize that in order for something to be a tradition, it needs to happen more than once, I think I can safely say that the experience the 4 of us shared was so energizing, uplifting, and valuable that it something we will want to continue for years.

And if anyone is interested in trying Lisa's taco soup, come on over there's plenty.

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