Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"I think I flushed my keys down the toilet."

I won't identify this person by name but today one of my friends accidentally flushed her keys down the toilet. Now of course this was an accident because who would flush their keys down the toilet on purpose? To make matters worse, these were not really her car keys but the car keys to a rental car that she needed to return to the car dealership this afternoon. She called the facility department on campus to see if they might some how magically be able to pull her keys from the toilet. The conversation went something like this:

"Hello, I'm calling to report a situation" Now by this time several of us had gathered around her trying to figure out a solution to her problem. Calling it a "situation" sent us all into fits of laughter.

"Umm hold on for a second" she said and then looked at us. "They want to know my name." Now it's bad enough to admit to your friends that you have flushed your rental car keys down the toilet, but to admit it to someone else? Well that takes courage. I'm sure the facilities folks will be talking about this for awhile.

Ultimately they were not able to find her keys, she had her rented car towed back to the dealership, picked up her car and unfortunately owes the dealership a hefty sum for the missing key. I bought her a hot fudge sundae tonight for dinner, it was the least I could do.

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