Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just Some Sentences

I baked again, today. Shocking I know but my department is trying to make nice with another department who we share a suite with. Actually we all get along quite well, we just rarely take the time to socialize with each other. So tonight, I made my friend's recipe for what she calls "Apple Crack" I'm not crazy about the name but the dessert is oh so good.

It's hockey season again and that makes me oh so very happy.

I'm loving fall in western New York and strangely enough I (the lover of all things light) am actually enjoying the darker evenings, it's a great excuse to my pajamas on early, drink hot cocoa and a good book. I'm currently reading "The Book Thief" which quite frankly is keeping me up at night. Apparently, I'm a bit behind the times because I asked a good friend of mine who is also an avid reader if she had read it yet. "Uh yeah, Mary about 2 years ago, where have you been?" I'm not sure where I've been but I'm certainly glad I found it.

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  1. The Book Thief is on my list too! I can't wait to read it...even though I'm also late to the party :) I'm glad you're enjoying it! And there must be something in the water because I usually dread the encroachment of shorter evenings but I'm loving it like no other this year. Bring on the sweatpants! Hope you are well, long lost friend!