Saturday, October 29, 2011

Things that make me smile

I cannot remember a fall semester ever being this busy, I feel like my office is a revolving door of students wanting career advice, and when I'm not in my office I've been speaking in various classes as well as planning some career events that I'm happy to say have gone really, really well. I like it when that happens. It makes me smile.

This past Thursday night a few of my girlfriends and I grabbed dinner together and then my friend Kathy and I made a trip to Lowes. I don't typically hang out at home improvement stores. Truth is I am not that handy, my home improvement talents seem to end at painting the walls. However this Thursday night I had my eye on something very specific, something that will be life changing in my little home.

That's right I bought my self an electric "fireplace" well it's more of a stove than a fireplace but I am giddy with excitement over it. Cold winter days coming up? Bring it! I will be toasty warm by my fire. It actually does admit a very nice amount of heat and the the flames are well, semi realistic. At any rate, it make me smile. A LOT.

At the end of Thursday night I pulled back into my garage and then happened to notice something sticking out from underneath my windshield wipers. My first thought was oh no a parking ticket, Kathy thought it was a political propaganda (tis the season) turns out it wasn't a ticket it was two tickets.
Someone, who has yet to reveal themselves, left me two tickets for the hockey game. Turns out I found the tickets at about 9:00 pm. and the game started at 7:00. Missing the game didn't bother me, and the surprise act of kindness really made me smile. Oh and the Sabres won that night too. Something else to smile about.

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