Monday, April 26, 2010

Good Books and Poker

Several years ago my friend K. thought it would be a good idea to start a book group, she thought it would be a good way to force her to read (it hasn't). So we formed a little group, and over the years have read a total of 54 books to this point. We've had a few that have been out of the park home runs and a few that well none of us have finished and we've wondered why did we chose that one? We've shared some great meals, laughed a lot and have had some amazing conversations. Our friend G. does like to remind us from time to time to stay on task that we are a book club NOT a social club, it is hard with 8 women not to get off topic and really just enjoy each others company.

A few months ago K probably craving more social time and less book time thought it would be fun if a few of us got together to play cards. So we set up our first Poker night. Okay not really we set up our first Eucre night, none of us knew how to play Poker. Truth is we are not really great Eucre players either. The conversation during a Eucre game go something like this.

K - Who remembers how to keep score?


L - Well I think I do. Yeah, I do were good to go.

C - Who dealt again and what's trump?

M - I dealt and remember C you are my partner - I just put down the Left bower.

G - Oh Okay

K - Are you two cheating?

Lots of idle chit chat about what's going on in our lives, work, food. Boy that Shack pizza is good tonight. Is Shack pizza ever bad?

M - Whose turn is it?

Lots of laughter

C - M did you deal that?

M - Yes

C - Okay pick it up

More Laughter

C- You know we would all be shot in Western times.

It takes us about 90 minutes to play one round, but we have a lot of laughs doing it. I'm thankful for both my book club and my "poker" club.

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