Saturday, April 24, 2010


I love spring, it is by far my favorite time of the year. Why? Well for one it means that winter is along way off. I live in NY state, in a part of NY state that sees a lot of snow, a LOT of snow, although this year folks have remarked on what an unremarkable winter it has been, that we actually only had 7 weeks of snow and that people are moving back to NY state because of our wonderful weather. I enjoy living in a part of the country where we do actually experience 4 distinct seasons, and I have to say that this spring for some reason has been especially beautiful. I love taking pictures, I have a camera with me at all times, and many times I stop to try to capture the beauty of the seasons, but I've realized lately that it is difficult to capture the true beauty of spring, and that sometimes it is better to just stop and enjoy it.

Those pink trees are my favorite and I find myself giggling as I look at them and stand in amazement at their beauty. Scripture does tell us though that beauty is fleeting, and before we know it those crazy colors have turned to green and we barely give those trees a second look. Slow down, stop and look at the trees.

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