Friday, February 17, 2012

Dinner Conversations

My younger brother got engaged about a month ago! I am so excited for him and his fiance Kim who I love. When they called to tell me about the engagement it did not come as a surprise, in fact I actually predicted the date. Kim is a sweetheart, she's been married before and has a 14 year old son Ryan, who we also love. He is a great kid.

I should tell you that my brother has not always been the best at communicating with the rest of the family, weeks can go by before he will return a phone call, until this Christmas he refused to set up a Facebook account, he was marginally better at returning emails. Recently however I have figured out that he will answer my text messages immediately. Go figure.

Kim went dress shopping yesterday and tonight sent a message along with a picture to which I responded immediately. She and I continued to have a text message conversation when she shared that she, Matt and Ryan were out for dinner and that Ryan made a comment about how much he missed not seeing my dad. Sweet. A few minutes later text messages start flying in from Matt and the three of of us are having regular dinner conversation. Strange but true. Finally Matt sent me a message that says "Hey you've occupied Kim during all of our dinner, I think she likes you more than me." Maybe?

I suggested tomorrow night they eat at home and we Skype together during dinner. Kim wanted to know what I was making. I'm thinking chicken.

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