Sunday, March 11, 2012

Adventures in the Kitchen part 5

Yes, that's right I found my way back to the kitchen today. I blame Pinterest. That and my new love for quinoa. It's hard not to look at all those beautiful pins with wonderful recipes and not be at least somewhat motivated to try one out. So today was the day. And before anyone gets overly excited about me actually cooking, making quinoa essentially requires one to boil water. That I can do. So water boiled, quinoa cooked a little olive oil, some grape tomatoes, fresh basil and some mozzarella and I've made myself a very delicious meal.

In other news, my friend Kathy and I attended the Michael W. Smith concert last night at a local church. We both posted Facebook updates from the concert since we were both so excited that although it was general admission, and we were in a line that seemed to snake through the entire building we actually wound up sitting in the front row. "Front row at the Michael W. Smith concert" is what each of has posted from our phones. Within moments a mutual friend of ours responded "I'm so JEALOUS, Kathy is the best person to go to a concert with." And it's true, she was giddy with excitement that we ended up so close and the two of us giggled, sang and worshiped throughout the night. The only problem, everyone else at the concert seemed so subdued. Kathy and I wanted to be on our feet, to dance and celebrate, but no one else did. At the beginning of each new song we'd look at each other "Surely they will get up for this one!" Finally we couldn't sit any longer we were up on our feet, arms in the air, worshiping and singing right along with Michael! A few others joined us. Aside from that it was a fantastic night, and as I said to Kathy as we walked out MWS could have performed for six more hours and I'm sure there would have been favorites of mine that he missed.

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