Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tales of a Career Stalker

I finished my annual report!!  You have no idea how happy this makes me.  As the director of a college career center one of my responsibilities each year is report on how our graduates are fairing in the wonderful world of work.  It's even better if they are working in their chosen field and not asking "would you like fries with that?"  Well guess what?  93% of them are working in their field.  That's a huge relief for me, not that I can claim credit for this, I  only provide them the tools they need to get there, they have to figure out how to use those tools effectively. But there is a lot of pressure on colleges these days to provide a return on investment. So for another year I am able to take a deep breath and give myself a small pat on the back, whether I deserve it or not. 

Of course tracking down this information is a nightmare and my deep breath is really about the fact that I can stop stalking people.  It's true I am a super stalker, for the last 3 months, it seems all I have done is emailed alumni begging them to complete my short online survey. It's so simple!  My former student worker who watched me last year torment other graduates PROMISED she would not be one of those students who didn't complete her survey.  Guess what?  Nope, no survey from her!  She laughed when I called her, telling me she had both my mailings, had actually done the survey and it was sitting completed on her desk.  Seriously?  Do you know how to use a business reply envelope?  Stick the survey in the envelope, walk it the end of the driveway and wait for the mailman to take it away.  Really!  It's that simple. Or even easier click the link on the email I sent you answer a few questions and BOOM! You're done.  On a side note, I taught an adult class a few weeks ago and every time I made a comment that a student in that class liked he shouted "BOOM!"  It was amusing and annoying at the same time.

So besides emails and phone calls to alumni, their parents, their former roommates, I have spent a great deal of time searching Facebook, Linkedin, company websites, blogs, you name.   Google truly has become my best friend.

My evenings  once again belong to me and I am giving up my stalking for at least 9 more months.  I'm creating my summer reading list.  Coming soon!


  1. This, from the other 7%: don't worry, we're happy too! Perhaps not gainfully employed, but thankful for your guidance and friendship all the same. You do (very!) good work, Miss Mary. Congrats on a great end to the year! Let summer BEGIN! :)

  2. Beka, while you may not be working "in your field" your work, creativity and passion for life inspire me.