Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The blog about nothing

Seinfeld is probably one of my favorite sitcoms it aired for 9 seasons, it was called the show about nothing. It still airs on various cable stations as well as on Fox at 11:00 pm on week nights. It is one of the reasons I am usually tired when my alarm goes off in the morning. It doesn't help that my second favorite sitcom Friends airs after Seinfeld.

Last week The Father's House a mega church here in the area had its "Service about nothing" I don't attend The Father's House but I was able to catch their late service online, and their service about nothing, was actually a very powerful, worshipful service.

I thought today I would write a blog about nothing. I'm still new to this blogging thing and quite frankly I'm not sure if I am very good at it. I find myself blogging a lot at night when I'm tired and then if I look at my blog the next day I find all sorts of errors that I have made. So I'm writing a blog about nothing that is hopefully error free. How did I do?

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