Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mixing It Up!

My friend Beka is on a 3 month road trip, volunteering her time at various farms throughout the country. She's blogging about here experiences here you should read her blog.

Beka has done many blog entries about "Mixing it up" you know trying something new and different to get out of that rut we tend to find ourselves in. I was thinking about Beka today for many reasons one because it just so happens her favorite football team and my favorite football team were playing against other today, and no surprise but her team CRUSHED my team. And secondly because today I decided to mix things up a bit.

Now my six faithful blog readers may want to sit down for what I am about to say will shock you. Ready? Today I baked. Yes that's right I baked, and along with baking I also cooked. I'm sensing some shouting and the words What? Are you kidding me coming from a particular friend I have living down south. Yeah, you know who you are. Okay now I'm not exactly sure if you all consider browning ground beef for taco salad cooking but here in my house, well that's about as close to cooking as I get.

Now let's get on to the baking. First of all it's been rather fall like around here and I've been craving apple crisp. This morning I decided I would make apple crisp, so here I am mixing it up. But let me take this even one step further. I live in NY State, the number 2 producer of apples in the United States, yet I am not a fan of her apples. My favorite apple by far is produced in Washington State, the Granny Smith apple. There is nothing like it. But today I decided perhaps I have been to harsh regarding my states apples surely there is something comparable to the Granny Smith? So I mixed it up, wandered the produce section of Wegmans as I read the descriptions of the various apples. Now my first hang up with NYS apples is that most of them are red. For some reason I like my apples to be green. I finally settled on the Paula red. It promised to be tart (Very Important) and crisp (also important) no one likes a mealy apple.

So this afternoon, I peeled my apples, and gave Ms. Paula Red her shot at winning my favor. And the result? Well Paula, I'm sorry but you just don't measure up to my granny, but you were still good and so was the apple crisp.

For those of you who are NYS apple lovers I'm curious to hear from you what your favorite apple is. I'm willing to give others a try.


  1. Haha, way to go, Mary!!! I wish I was around to try some of that apple crisp :)

    P.s. - As fate would have it, I'm in Washington right now! I'll be sure to enjoy a Granny Smith on your behalf :)

  2. You are a very impressive person!! Browning your own meat and making apple crisp! I can't even believe it. Before you know it, you'll be making a full meal. Then when I come at Christmas, I can partake of said meal! How exciting!!!

    I like to mix it up in my apple crisp or apple pie. A minimum of 2 Granny Smiths and then a few other varieties from NY. A lady taught me that a Wegmans once. Random lady, random thoughts.