Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

I was actually dreading the start of a new semester and if I am being a 100% honest (which I do try to be) I was really, really dreading teaching my freshmen course this fall. The main reason for that is last fall when I taught the class the group dynamics were absolutely terrible, the students didn't seem to click with each other and quite frankly I felt several of them were not academically ready for college work. It was a very long semester for me and when it was over I didn't care if I never taught this class again. Fast forward 12 months, here I am teaching the same class and I after only 2 days I am absolutely flabbergasted by the difference between the two groups. During this past Thursday's class one student raised her hand and said "this is so embarrassing, but I really have to use the rest room but this discussion we are all having is so great I don't want to miss any of it can we pause for two minutes?" WHAT? I literally laughed out loud and was happy to grant her request.

Today I went to the mall, I hate the mall but I needed some new bras, this was not a task I was overly excited about. Apparently 80% of woman are wearing the wrong bra size and I believe now that I am probably one of them. I tried on multiple bras in what I thought was my size but they all felt wrong. So after about a 35 minutes I gave up on the bra buying business and instead bought myself some new yoga pants, a long sleeve t-shirt and a new blouse for work.

I was going to spend a good part of my day today getting my note cards ready to sell at our homecoming bazaar in a couple weeks, instead I've done three loads of laundry and baked chocolate chip cookies. Oh yeah and I still need some new bras.

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  1. First and foremost, you are baking cookies??? What is this world coming to? Second, go to Victoria's Secret. Have the special bra lady measure you and bring you bras to try on. They are so good at finding the right bra. Then either buy a really expensive bra or go on EBay and find the VS bra there.