Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Like Doughnuts on Sunday

I like doughnuts on Sunday; I blame my aunt (and of course my lack of self control). Growing up my aunt would often take my brothers, cousins and I to what we affectionately called the doughnut mass. Really it was just Sunday mass at Canisius College followed by doughnuts, and refreshments in a large hall. There really is only one doughnut that I truly like the ones with white cream and chocolate icing. Not to be confused with Bavarian cream which quite frankly reminds me of phlegm. .

There is a Tim Horton's located between my church and my home so it is a very tempting for me when I have my Sunday craving. Now I will say that Tim's probably would not be my first choice however it is convenient. Tim Horton was actually a hockey player who played for both the Toronto Maple Leafs and my favorite team the Buffalo Sabres. Unfortunately Tim died tragically in a horrific car accident, I think it was poor choice for them to name their doughnut holes Tim Bits considering the way he was killed.

A small coffee and a doughnut at Tim's cost $2.09. I typically hand the cashier $2.10, and he or she then hands me my order and then I wait. Typically after a few awkward seconds the cashier says "oh did you want your penny?" Umm, yes I'd like my penny, it is after all still my money and when did it become okay for businesses to assume that you really don't want your change, even if it is only a penny. I have an old glass bottle just inside my kitchen door. I dump my spare change in the bottle on a pretty regular basis. Spare change adds up quickly, I probably cash my change in 4 times a year and typically end up having between $65 and $85. That is a lot of pennies, of course I realize it would be a lot more if I didn't spend that $2.09.


  1. $2.09 for a doughnut? Did you get a coffee or two doughnuts? I think I have some Tim's cash, $1 gift certificates from Tim's that I probably won't use seeing as Tim's is definitely a Canadian thing. Nothing Southern about him! I love my Dunkin Donuts and I'm so thankful they are throughout the entire Northeast!

  2. Okay, so I just woke up and re-read the blog. I see you had coffee too. Sorry. I'm not a morning person!

  3. Mary, I couldn't sleep last night so I decided to check Google Reader on my phone. I read a few lackluster blogs and then got to your post...and was cracking up until my stomach hurt. After that, I fell asleep a happy woman. Thanks :)